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rescuer dismantles the door of a car in a drill. (PhotoBeijing Youth Daily)
Two new types of fire-fighting motorcycles will be put to use around Tian'anmen Square in Beijing Leonard Floyd Jersey , the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday.

The new motorcycles called "Chunfeng 650s"are equipped with hydraulic tools to quickly disassemble a car or put out a fire in a vehicle or on a person.

The vehicles are said to be capable of rushing to the scene of an incident at short notice to extinguish a fire or perform other first-response emergency tasks.

The first fleet of motorcycles will serve in Tian'anmen, the Forbidden City and Fuyou Street.

They carry 40 liters of water in two cans, one on each side of the bike Eddie Jackson Jersey , and have two ways of releasing water to fight fires.

" Brazil's interim-president Michel Temer pledged to "rebuild the foundations of the Brazilian economy" as he spoke to reporters during his first cabinet meeting in Brasilia, on May 13, 2016 (AFP PhotoEvaristo Sa)

Brasília - Brazil's acting president Michel Temer vowed Friday to get Latin America's largest economy back on track after a cascade of crises put an end to 13 years of leftist rule.

Temer presided over the first meeting of his new business-friendly cabinet Tarik Cohen Jersey , setting out its priorities: creating a leaner government, balancing finances to address a crippling recession, and rooting out the corruption that a huge judicial probe has uncovered at the highest levels of Brazilian politics and business.

""I want to get the country back on the rails Jordan Howard Jersey ,"" Temer told weekly magazine Epoca in his first interview as president after taking over from suspended predecessor Dilma Rousseff, who faces an impeachment trial in the Senate.

Temer's chief of staff, Eliseu Padilha Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , said the new government faced a challenging to-do list.

""We're living through the worst economic crisis in the history of Brazil,"" he told a press conference.

The solution, he said Roquan Smith Jersey , is ""out with corruption and in with efficiency.""

Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles, the man tasked with restoring confidence in Brazil's economy, said his priority would be cutting spending.

He pledged not to cut the popular social programs launched under the sidelined Workers' Party (PT) -- initiatives credited with helping lift tens of millions of people out of poverty -- as long as beneficiaries really need them.

But he warned: ""Maintaining a social program doesn't mean maintaining the misuse of a social program.""

- Leadership limbo -

Temer asked for patience as his team works to turn around an economy stuck in its worst recession in decades.

""I'm not going to be able to work miracles in two years Khalil Mack Jersey ,"" he said.

That timeframe belies the strange leadership limbo in which Brazil finds itself pending an impeachment trial that could last up to six months.

Political analysts say Rousseff will likely be removed from office for good by a two-thirds vote in the Senate -- and Temer is clearly betting he will hold power until the next presidential election in 2018.

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